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10 Feb 2017
The SFOC i.e. Special Flight Operations Certificate is the certificate issued by Transport authorities of Canada that are mandatory to obtain if you want to fly a remotely piloted aircraft for fun or commercial purposes.

The rules to get a pilot’s license vary and depend on the kind of airplane you want to fly. You have some options many options such as choppers, airplanes, airships, gliders and hot air balloons. You can choose one of these given options. If you want to fly an aircraft, then a pilot license is required, but if you want to fly a UAV only then, you don’t need a permit for that. If you want to fly a remotely operated aircraft, then you require a certificate from SFOC Canada.

The type of certificate depends on the type of flying you are interested. You must qualify and get training for the flying you want to do. Here is the summary of type of pilot licenses or certificates that can be issued.

If you want to get a student license, no minimum aeronautical experience or technical degree is required. The one must have to get a student license is medical fitness. A student pilot certificate is issued by an aviation medical examiner after the first medical test of the student, and this license is valid for two years.

If someone wants to fly for a noncommercial purpose, then a private pilot license is issued which gives that person full authority to fly under flight rules. A private pilot cannot offer services as a pilot but can carry passengers to share the expenses of flying

If you want to fly for commercially, then you must have SFOC certificate (Special Flight Operations Certificate) issued by Transport Canada. This certificate is necessary to get to fly a remotely piloted aircraft for commercial purposes or to take commodities from one place to another.

Canadian Center for Non-pilot Vehicle Systems (CCUVS) has successfully developed SFOC applications for drone activities to Transport Canada. Through the discussions and careful consultation with every individual, CCUVS has precisely and rapidly determined the necessities and needs of a particular UAS application for any region Canada. CCUVS in its application form uses a full SFOC format that covers all areas known by Transport Canada authorities to operate a remotely operated plane in a safe and responsible way. CCUVS has reserved the copyrights of these SFOC application form templates. You have to contact CCUVS to get your SFOC Canada.

If you want to obtain a special flight operations certificate, then you are required to pay a fee of $1300. You might have to pay more than that because this price depends on your flying requirements. After applying for the license, you will have to wait for the approval of Transport Canada to get your Special Flight Operations Certificate. No matter what kind of flying you choose but being a pilot is a job of responsibility, and it requires you to undergo some training.


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