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20 May 2017

Today, more and more project managers are observing drone mapping to be a fundamental tool amid all stages of development. Simple to-utilize programming enables them to make high-resolution orthomosaic, elevation and 3D maps in a matter of hours. Combined with built-in measurement devices and annotations, they can keep real time tabs on tasks and distinguish potential issues before they turn out to be expensive.

Cloud-based maps make sharing and collaborating with everybody from site architects to project managers easy. Executives and off site partners remain informed and, in light of the fact that drone mapping is financially savvy, they see a return-on-investment very quickly. Know how drones can benefit your business.

  • Drones give precise mapping platform.

With the support of control focuses like knowing coordinates or set markers, the drone can fly autonomously a ascertained fly way at a given elevation. Contingent upon the equipment, the drone can take basic high-determination shading and infrared pictures. UAV pictures can be stitched together to develop top quality definite maps. Drone footage can create topographic maps and 3D models to demonstrate every one of the elements of the land and the area surveyed.

  • Drones are an affordable mapping and surveying tool.
    UAVs are more affordable option to the traditional technique of manned aviation. By switching to drones for your mapping and surveying needs, you will diminish costs and also improve productivity because of the adaptability of drones and the easiness of the aerial data capture operation.

  • Drone mapping is perfect application for different industrial and commercial businesses.
    Drone maps give a noteworthy perspective to businesses like archaeology, agriculture, real estate, or even development for collecting important information of areas that should be inspected in more depth. With UAVs, businesses like these can regularly screen their properties.

  • Drones help in Cadastral surveying.

As a fundamental part of the legitimate creation of properties, authorized land surveyors can make utilization of UAVs to characterize property limits for purposes like leasing, purchasing or selling buildings or land. A further advantage is the identification of boundaries and land highlights with UAV created pictures. Along these lines of mapping limits and property resources can essentially affect the land and evaluation industry, owning to lower the expenses of information gathering.

  • Drones help in Corridor surveying.

UAVs are appropriate for capturing infrastructure facilities. They are mapping and capturing a wide range of infrastructure for the government, urban organizers, etc. Photos can be geometrically edited a while later. They frequently contain errors as a result of topographic reliefs, lens distortions, and camera tilts.

  • Drones are ideal for Volumetric calculations.

A further advantage of drones is the volume measurement of, for instance, spoil heaps, stockpiles, or material extraction pits. In the wake of mapping the site with a UAV, it is conceivable to create a computerized surface model. A ground-based surveying would be more perilous and tedious.

Geomatics Training Ottawa fleet ranges in capability from 25 to 1000 acres per flight. With some low and slow capabilities and some meant to fly much higher and longer.

Drone mapping is very simple process. Join Geomatics training in Ottawa and get ready to fly world class drone technology to complete your mapping project.


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