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13 Nov 2017
What is Geomatics? It is a scientifically-based engineering discipline based on measuring and mapping of geographical surfaces. It is the science and technology of collecting, manipulating, presenting, and using spatial and geographic data in a digital form. The field of geomatics integrates land surveying and cartography together along with contemporary technology, such as global positioning systems (GPS), remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). It is possible that you might not be familiar with all these technologies, but you may have used them in your own work.  So, geomatics is a very practical subject and require a lot of time for collecting the all-important raw data.

Although there are many fields nowadays, to flourish your career in, but when it comes to competition geomatics industry is still diverse and crying out for recruits. It is a vast field that have more jobs to offer than number of graduates. From local authorities, transport companies, supermarkets to offshore companies positioning oil rigs and monitoring pipelines across oceans, everyone is looking for professional geomatics expert.  Its training basically relies on computer technology, so proficiency with industry software is highly recommended for all applicants. Be it an undergraduate, graduate or honors course, there are many universities and colleges known for providing geomatics training in Ottawa. As it is a vast field, its study is also divided into various modules and you can choose the best course as per your interest and time you want to invest in its study.

In order to apply for bachelor's degree, you need to have a high school diploma and have competed math, physics and English courses.  Students may choose their studies in engineering, forestry, computer science, environmental science, or surveying, along with courses like mapping, statistics, civil geomatics, photogrammetry, spatial data etc. When it comes to perusing in depth study of the concept of geomatics, you need to go for master’s degree of approximately of two years.  After completing the degree you may find good employment opportunities in surveying, mapping, researching, and managing data in the environmental, natural, or social sciences. Next comes, doctorate degree, some universities in Ottawa offers Ph.D. degrees in environmental dynamics or civil engineering with an option to specialize in geomatics. This course mainly focuses on topics like earth systems, global theories, environmental dynamics, land tenure administration and quaternary studies.

A candidate having bachelor’s degree have diverse employment opportunities, like geographic information systems technician, geodesy research associate, geospatial analyst, or survey operations coordinator. On the other hand a doctoral degree program can prepare graduates for diverse careers in government, corporate, academia and in the public and non-profit sectors. It may include positions like project manager, private consultant or university professor.

So, basically geomatics is an interdisciplinary course based on wide-ranging environmental, technological and scientific studies. Students who want to pursue in this field, can choose a bachelor's, masters or doctoral program in the field based on their educational background and employment goals. You can search online for more details.


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